A few bottles of Willemoes beers

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Two bottles of Willemoes beers and an additional amber

Stupid headline, I know. And I don’t know if this is going to be a thing, but I felt like posting a few pictures of the beers that I had this weekend.

Denmark is a beerlovers paradise. There are hundreds of amazing small breweries that produce quality beers for a decent price.

Bryggerriet Vestfyen is one of them. It’s not a SMALL brewery per se as it has apparently grown tremendously in the past 15 years and I do not wonder why: their products are good value for money. Don’t get me wrong, they are not superb in any way – but they are good. For a beer nirvana (beervana) you need to find something else. But these are sold at almost every corner store and therefore are easy to pick up on your way back home. And that’s exactly what I did. Picked a few bottles that I could enjoy while digging into Season 2 of Narcos on Netflix.

So far I think I’ve tasted all of the Willemoes beers that are sold throughout the year. So that’s the ale, porter, stout, belgian ale, glutein free lager and now also the “Kyst til Kyst” kristallweizen.

For the past few years I have really been staying away from any and all wheat beers. I have wanted and needed something fuller, something stronger. That is why my favorites of the Willemoes family are the porter and the stout. But that’s just me. I strongly recommend you to taste them all!

Willemoes Kyst til Kyst

Willemoes Porter

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