Sunday Brunch at Kafe Kapers

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Brunch at Kafe Kapers

Based on the few posts I’ve posted here in my blog, all we do in Denmark is EAT. Well, I admit it – we love food. We love sitting in restaurants, having a few drinks, tasting new dishes. So that’s what we do. Life should be fun – and eating is fun!

(Yeahyeah, I’ll try to do some manly stuff and write some “Top 10s of Copenhagen” later instead of these life stylish food posts… But I’m just having too much fun with food at the moment.)

This sunday we decided to have brunch at Kafe Kapers. If you read my last post about burgers at Cafe Pixie, you might’ve noticed that we’ve actually been to Kafe Kapers before. But that was just for a few drinks (MMMMHHH, THE DELICIOUS COFFEE & COGNAC COMBINATION!).

For brunch, Kafe Kapers serves a buffet. So here even the most hungriest ones will get full.

There’s a large variety of different foods: 3 types of bread, croissant, scrambled eggs, pancakes, meatballs, sausages, bacon, some sort of liver loaf, chicken wings, salmon, pancakes with syrup, 2 types of cheeses, cold cuts, shrimps, boiled eggs, pasta with pesto, olive tapenade, Nutella… The list just goes on and on!

The plates here are rectangular. Even though the picture in this post is horrible, I thought that the plate selection was fun!

What comes to the taste, I’d say that it is plain, but it works. If you’ve been to many brunches you know what I mean when I say that it feels a little “mass produced”. Most buffets do.

Overall, I’d say that the bacon and eggs were good, croissants decent and pancakes dissappointing (taste was good but it felt like I was eating rubber). The price is not bad. But what Kafe Kapers is lacking is the “I’m having a party in my mouth” feeling. The WOW factor is missing both from the food and the atmosphere. You’ll get full, but you won’t be telling your grand kids about this brunch.

The bacon was better here than it was at Pixie. And the croissants too. But the atmosphere lacks feeling.

You’ll be satisfied and get full with the Kafe Kapers brunch, but you won’t get a feeling that you NEED to come back later. And that’s what I really miss in life, the WOW factor. I’ll give it a solid 5/7. (If you got that last joke, you spend too much time on the Internet. Or at 9gag.)

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