Cider Tasting at Kompasset Ølbar

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Cider Tasting at Kompasset

Thursday was an amazing day. Everything at work went well, I pushed many things forward. But that was not the greatest part of Thursday. The cider tasting at Kompasset Ølbar was.

Kompasset is a new pub / bar at Østerbrogade 103 in Østerbro 2100, Copenhagen. As the name might tell you, the bar has a strong maritime atmosphere in it with old barrels, sextants and maps decorating the room. Walking into Kompasset feels like walking into the crew quarters in a large old wooden ship.

The owner, Andy, is a lovable British fella who makes you feel right at home by joking around a bit, telling stories about his own life and just by smiling. He also has extensive knowledge about all the beers, ciders and spirits he’s serving. At the moment there are 10 different products (mostly beers) on tap and 50 different bottles of beer. Plus loads of ciders, liquors and spirits in bottles.

Last Thursday was cider tasting night at Kompasset. And we of course had to take part in it!

The owner of The Cider House provided us with the ciders and all the amazing knowledge he had about ciders and cidermaking. He was originally from Somerset – so right from the most famous cider area of Britain.

I didn’t know I liked ciders this much

The night started with Thatchers Somerset Haze – a light, mellow, medium sweet cider. Not a lot of taste, but still notably different from the mass produced Magners, Crowmoor and Kopparsberg ciders. This was the reference point for the night.

We got a 0,5l bottle per table. So we all got 1,25 dl per cider per person. That’s a good amount for tasting – but will not get you trashed immediately.

Next we moved on to Sheppy’s ciders. This is the really good stuff that me and my fiance liked. First we tasted Sheppy’s Somerset Draught Cider. A crispy and fruity combination of cider apples and eating apples.

Then we had a sip of Sheppy’s Raspberry – a cider infused with raspberry juice. The list of different ciders goes on: Sheppy’s Organic, Burrow Hill’s Farmhouse Cider, Perry, an interesting 13 % Ice Cider and a few others before coming back to Sheppy’s – this time to try the Vintage Reserve Cider.

Sheppy's Organic and Vintage Reserve Ciders
Sheppy’s Organic and Vintage Reserve Ciders

The evening ended with two cups of warm cider! The owner of the Cider House goes to the christmas market here in Copenhagen and serves thousands of cups of this delicious treat every year.

For us, the evening was a success. All the ciders were amazingly delicious, we could really tell the difference between different apples and brands. And we didn’t get too wasted. As you can see from the pictures, we also bought something to bring home with us!

And this cider tasting definitely taught me a few things: you can do almost anything with ciders. Cidermaking is a craft that should be as valued as making fine beers or excellent wines. And last but not least, those mass produced fizzy pop sugary ciders at food stores are not real ciders.

So if you’re looking for amazing ciders, check out the Cider House. Or buy their products from Butler Vin (there are other places you can get these ciders from too, but Butler Vin is closest to us). And I definitely recommend having a drink or two at Kompasset Ølbar in Østerbro.

Ice Cider - a little stronger but damn delicious!
Ice Cider – a little stronger but damn delicious!

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