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This is my Copenhagen


Said all the characters of How I Met Your Mother in Episode 15 of Season 9. I loved that show – and still do. And we did go big.

Me and my fiance moved from Finland to Copenhagen.

That’s what this whole blog is gonna be about. Me. My fiance. Copenhagen. And travelling. I know I’ll sometimes wonder into sports, discuss nerdy things and even talk about politics! *GASP*

I’ve run tens (or even hundreds, I lost track) of different websites over the past few years. None of them have been real blogs. They’ve been different travel guides, price comparison websites and plain old spam. You know, I used to be an affiliate (see TradeTracker if you want to know what affiliate marketing is). I’m not really one anymore. Or not at the moment at least.

And that’s how I’ve gotten into the world of search engine marketing and search engine optimization. I won’t bore you here with the details. But that’s something that I’m here in Copenhagen for, actually: I moved after a job position, a great one, that I got. My fiance decided to join me as she has always wanted to work abroad. So far moving to Copenhagen has felt like the right decision. But we’ve only been here for a couple of weeks, so I’m not yet ready to pronounce my love for this city. Time will tell if I’ll fall madly in love with CPH or start hating everything Danish.

As this post shows, I already started writing stuff here… Even though there are multiple technical things I need to do to both the WordPress running behind this blog and this out-of-the-box layout.

But for now, I’ll just give you a few first tastes of Copenhagen in the form of two pictures!

First Meal in Copenhagen

View from the AirBnB Apartments Balcony

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