Danish Gym Etiquette in 7 GIFs

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Gifs about Danish gym etiquette

I’ve noticed that the gym etiquette here differs from other countries I’ve worked out in. Like… Here no one takes the weights off the barbells. And it pisses me off.

So I decided to do a summary of the gym etiquette in Denmark. Please follow these simple rules.

1. Warm Up Should Last At Least 4 Hours

Because biking 5 km to the gym wasn’t enough.

2. You are not allowed to put your weights away

Just leave the plates on the barbell. Let someone else worry about them.

3. Or you can leave the plates around like this

Because why the hell not.

4. Remember to take at least 7 selfies per training session

Because if it’s not shared on social media, it didn’t happen.

5. Steal other people’s machines and then do this

Because waiting for your own turn is too mainstream.

6. Stare at others while they lift

Because it’s your way of showing support.

7. Remember to walk around the dressing room in your underwear – and FLEX

That doesn’t make me uncomfortable.

Now you’re pretty much ready to become a real Dane.

Feel free to celebrate that.

All GIFs from Giphy:

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