Renting a bike in Copenhagen is easy

Renting a bike in Copenhagen is SUPER easy. Seriously. Most people think that they first need to find a bike rental company and be sure that they are there at a certain time. But not in Copenhagen. Here you can rent a bike any time of the day by just taking one out of a bike stand. Easy. Cheap. Convenient. Of course there are separate companies that rent bicycles as well… But I’ll take a deeper dive into both of these two ways. Renting a…Continue Reading “Bike Rental in Copenhagen”

Picture of Nyhavn

Looking for cheap or free things to do and see in Copenhagen? As a foreigner living in the city, I know what is worth visiting for a tourist – and what is not. That is why I wanted to list my own favourites and top sights that I think, you should definitely try out. The Free Ones First I’ll start off by going through the list of free things you should do in Copenhagen. I’m always updating this list, so feel free to send me…Continue Reading “24 Free or Cheap Things You Must Do in Copenhagen”

Gifs about Danish gym etiquette

I’ve noticed that the gym etiquette here differs from other countries I’ve worked out in. Like… Here no one takes the weights off the barbells. And it pisses me off. So I decided to do a summary of the gym etiquette in Denmark. Please follow these simple rules. 1. Warm Up Should Last At Least 4 Hours Because biking 5 km to the gym wasn’t enough. 2. You are not allowed to put your weights away Just leave the plates on the barbell. Let someone…Continue Reading “Danish Gym Etiquette in 7 GIFs”

Tips for Finding an Apartment in Copenhagen

Finding an apartment in Copenhagen is a nightmare. When people tell you that, you better believe. Especially if you have a limited budget. Quick Links Housing Portals Networking Housing Companies Avoid Scams Summary There are thousands of people looking for a place, but only a very limited number of apartments and rooms available. All the best ones seem to go to someone before they are even posted anywhere online. So prepare yourself for a long search. If you’re lucky or supergood at it, you might…Continue Reading “Tips for Finding an Apartment in Copenhagen”