The Little Mermaid Statue

The Little Mermaid is, in my opinion, a rather controversial attraction. It is small. It is not the most beautiful statue in the world. And the area around it is always filled with tourists. On the other hand, The Little Mermaid statue is legendary. It’s an icon. Everyone knows it. It simply is world-famous. I am having a hard time deciding whether to tell you to avoid the whole thing (due to all the tourists) or to go and see it. But maybe seeing the…Continue Reading “The Little Mermaid Statue in Copenhagen”

Picture of Nyhavn

Looking for cheap or free things to do and see in Copenhagen? As a foreigner living in the city, I know what is worth visiting for a tourist – and what is not. That is why I wanted to list my own favourites and top sights that I think, you should definitely try out. The Free Ones First I’ll start off by going through the list of free things you should do in Copenhagen. I’m always updating this list, so feel free to send me…Continue Reading “24 Free or Cheap Things You Must Do in Copenhagen”

Madagascar lemurs behind bars

Whereas my friday and Cafe Sundet weren’t all that great – yesterday saved this weekend! We went to the Copenhagen Zoo! And I took a lot of pictures! The Zoo is located in Frederiksberg. A beautiful “cool & posh” area of Copenhagen where there are tons of hip restaurants, green gardens and rich people. It’s a prestigios area and a lot greener than, say, Vesterbro, Nørrebro or even Østerbro. The biggest problem I had in the morning was the lack of clean clothes. The only…Continue Reading “Fun Day at the Copenhagen Zoo”