The best burgers in Østerbro, Copenhagen

I’m not saying that these are the best burgers in Copenhagen, because I have not yet visited all the great restaurants that this city has to offer – but I can definitely say that Østerbro originale Burgerrestaurant serves the best burgers in Østerbro. We live right next to this place and have visited twice so far. First time was just after moving to our new place and the second time when my fiance’s parents were visiting us a few weeks ago. The concept here is…Continue Reading “The best burgers in Østerbro”

Brunch at Kafe Kapers

Based on the few posts I’ve posted here in my blog, all we do in Denmark is EAT. Well, I admit it – we love food. We love sitting in restaurants, having a few drinks, tasting new dishes. So that’s what we do. Life should be fun – and eating is fun! (Yeahyeah, I’ll try to do some manly stuff and write some “Top 10s of Copenhagen” later instead of these life stylish food posts… But I’m just having too much fun with food at…Continue Reading “Sunday Brunch at Kafe Kapers”

Bopa Plads at Evening

Yeah, I told you in my last piece about brunch at Pixie that I might end up going back there. Which of course I did – faster than I would’ve thought. Even though I gave a harsh review to their brunch, Cafe Pixie just is a great place. The location is great. The atmosphere is great. And beer is always good. This time we went for the burger. At Pixie, their “standard” burger is something that I’d call a BBQ burger as it comes with…Continue Reading “Burgers at Cafe Pixie, Bopa Plads”

Brunch at Cafe Pixie

I think I gave the ending away right there in the title. A DECENT brunch. Not bad. Not great. But decent. Anyway. This is what Sunday’s were created for. Brunch. A lazy morning that slowly evolves into you finally putting on your clothes, heading out the door and having a plate full of bacon, eggs, bread and fruit. Well if you asked someone more religious, they’d say that Sunday is the day God rested. But for me, it’s the day of bacon. I worship BACON!…Continue Reading “A Decent Brunch at Pixie”

Cider Tasting at Kompasset

Thursday was an amazing day. Everything at work went well, I pushed many things forward. But that was not the greatest part of Thursday. The cider tasting at Kompasset Ølbar was. Kompasset is a new pub / bar at Østerbrogade 103 in Østerbro 2100, Copenhagen. As the name might tell you, the bar has a strong maritime atmosphere in it with old barrels, sextants and maps decorating the room. Walking into Kompasset feels like walking into the crew quarters in a large old wooden ship….Continue Reading “Cider Tasting at Kompasset Ølbar”

Two bottles of Willemoes beers and an additional amber

Stupid headline, I know. And I don’t know if this is going to be a thing, but I felt like posting a few pictures of the beers that I had this weekend. Denmark is a beerlovers paradise. There are hundreds of amazing small breweries that produce quality beers for a decent price. Bryggerriet Vestfyen is one of them. It’s not a SMALL brewery per se as it has apparently grown tremendously in the past 15 years and I do not wonder why: their products are…Continue Reading “A few bottles of Willemoes beers”

The menu at restaurant Cafe Sundet

This is a story about a restaurant called Cafe Sundet and how they forgot all about us. But first. Let me tell you a little backstory. Yesterday was a really warm day here in Copenhagen. And we haven’t gotten many of those in August. So we decided to go for a piknik near the Svanemøllestranden. First we biked straight to the Waterfront Shoppingcenter which is some 2 kilometers from where our current place (AirBnB) is. My better half wanted a juice and a sandwich from…Continue Reading “Cafe Sundet – The worst restaurant experience in a long time!”