The best burgers in Østerbro, Copenhagen

I’m not saying that these are the best burgers in Copenhagen, because I have not yet visited all the great restaurants that this city has to offer – but I can definitely say that Østerbro originale Burgerrestaurant serves the best burgers in Østerbro. We live right next to this place and have visited twice so far. First time was just after moving to our new place and the second time when my fiance’s parents were visiting us a few weeks ago. The concept here is…Continue Reading “The best burgers in Østerbro”

Picture of Nyhavn

Looking for cheap or free things to do and see in Copenhagen? As a foreigner living in the city, I know what is worth visiting for a tourist – and what is not. That is why I wanted to list my own favourites and top sights that I think, you should definitely try out. The Free Ones First I’ll start off by going through the list of free things you should do in Copenhagen. I’m always updating this list, so feel free to send me…Continue Reading “24 Free or Cheap Things You Must Do in Copenhagen”

Gifs about Danish gym etiquette

I’ve noticed that the gym etiquette here differs from other countries I’ve worked out in. Like… Here no one takes the weights off the barbells. And it pisses me off. So I decided to do a summary of the gym etiquette in Denmark. Please follow these simple rules. 1. Warm Up Should Last At Least 4 Hours Because biking 5 km to the gym wasn’t enough. 2. You are not allowed to put your weights away Just leave the plates on the barbell. Let someone…Continue Reading “Danish Gym Etiquette in 7 GIFs”

Biking around Amager Island

We’re not hugely athletic. We go to the gym, lift decent weights and I bike to work. But that’s about it. So when we decided to go and bike from our place in Østerbro around Amager (the whole island) and back, we weren’t sure whether it would be an enjoyable journey or pure hell. We left from our apartment at 11:30 after having a small breakfast and a cup of coffee. Our route: Østerbro to Christianshavn Amagerbro to Amagerstrand Along Amagerstrandvej to the airport Along…Continue Reading “A 53 km Ride – Biking around Amager and back!”

Brunch at Cafe Pixie

I think I gave the ending away right there in the title. A DECENT brunch. Not bad. Not great. But decent. Anyway. This is what Sunday’s were created for. Brunch. A lazy morning that slowly evolves into you finally putting on your clothes, heading out the door and having a plate full of bacon, eggs, bread and fruit. Well if you asked someone more religious, they’d say that Sunday is the day God rested. But for me, it’s the day of bacon. I worship BACON!…Continue Reading “A Decent Brunch at Pixie”

Cider Tasting at Kompasset

Thursday was an amazing day. Everything at work went well, I pushed many things forward. But that was not the greatest part of Thursday. The cider tasting at Kompasset Ølbar was. Kompasset is a new pub / bar at Østerbrogade 103 in Østerbro 2100, Copenhagen. As the name might tell you, the bar has a strong maritime atmosphere in it with old barrels, sextants and maps decorating the room. Walking into Kompasset feels like walking into the crew quarters in a large old wooden ship….Continue Reading “Cider Tasting at Kompasset Ølbar”

Danish Flag

Studies claim that Danes are the happiest people on Earth – at least as a nation. But is life really all champagne and strawberries in Denmark? Or are these studies full of “BAE”? Why are Danes happy? According to Visit Denmark, part of the secret lies in equality. High taxes level the playing field a lot as the cost of health care, education and child care are shared. The ones who earn the most, pay the most. Or at least that’s how it’s supposed to…Continue Reading “Are Danes as happy as studies claim? A Foreigner Speaks”

Madagascar lemurs behind bars

Whereas my friday and Cafe Sundet weren’t all that great – yesterday saved this weekend! We went to the Copenhagen Zoo! And I took a lot of pictures! The Zoo is located in Frederiksberg. A beautiful “cool & posh” area of Copenhagen where there are tons of hip restaurants, green gardens and rich people. It’s a prestigios area and a lot greener than, say, Vesterbro, Nørrebro or even Østerbro. The biggest problem I had in the morning was the lack of clean clothes. The only…Continue Reading “Fun Day at the Copenhagen Zoo”