Cafe Sundet – The worst restaurant experience in a long time!

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The menu at restaurant Cafe Sundet

This is a story about a restaurant called Cafe Sundet and how they forgot all about us. But first. Let me tell you a little backstory.

Yesterday was a really warm day here in Copenhagen. And we haven’t gotten many of those in August. So we decided to go for a piknik near the Svanemøllestranden.

Part of Svanemøllestranden area
Svanemøllestranden as seen from further away.

First we biked straight to the Waterfront Shoppingcenter which is some 2 kilometers from where our current place (AirBnB) is. My better half wanted a juice and a sandwich from Joe & The Juice and I of course went to buy a few beers and a Faxe Fondi Energy drink. With these snacks we then got our asses to the Svanemøllestranden beach which was packed FULL. I hate crowds and I was a little cranky & tired after a long week at work… We wondered through the masses to a grass area just outside the crowd. I was sweaty and feeling way too hot. But after we sat down and I opened a can of Carlsberg, I started to relax.

We sat there on the grass for a few hours. After the first beer I was talking so much that I think my better half got a bit bored already. I opened another beer and get on babbling. And babbling. But eventually, it was time to go back home. Or so we thought.

We hopped on our bikes and headed towards home. But just some 200m from the beach there were these docks filled with gorgeous sail boats. I wanted to take a better look – and the road alongside these boats led us towards the open sea and at the end of that road was Cafe Sundet.

Road to the restaurant
A road leading to Cafe Sundet

It looked like a nice place. We took the stairs to a cozy balcony. It was still sunny and people were smiling. The food on people’s plates looked enticing.

We went inside and asked the man behind the bar what do they have on the menu. He gave us a menu card and told us to sit down outside. “We will come to take your order.”

Alright, we went outside, sat down and started reading the menu. There were a lot of options from pizza and pasta to sandwiches, a burger, fish and different meat dishes. At first we weren’t sure if we’d just like something small and cheap or whether we’d want to try something a little more expensive.

After a few minutes, we had made a decision. Our stomachs demanded something big and good. We both wanted lammekroner – a rack of lamb – with fries and a truffle sauce. As we all know, lamb needs a buddy. A good red wine. So we decided that we’d get a half a bottle of Tommasi Ripasso Valpolicella as well. Now where is that waiter?

We waited.

And we waited.

And we waited.

People that had gotten there after us were getting their drinks. Their orders were taken. And we just sat there.

We looked ready. So it wasn’t that.

And we waited.

Eventually, a waiter came to us and took our order. He was smiling and very friendly so the waiting did not seem so bad anymore. A smile goes a long way.

The wine was brought to the table surprisingly fast. In just a few minutes. I poured myself and my fiance a small glass. Everything felt good for the first time in Copenhagen. No stress about anything. A warm late summer evening with the sun still shining a tad and a gentle sea breeze. The masts of the sail boats in my sight slowly rocking left to right, left to right. It felt good. I smiled.

Slowly drinking the good Ripasso, we waited.

And we waited.

And we waited.

And we waited.

Holy hell, where is our food?

And we waited.

The waiter walked past us and we asked if our food was coming.

He said yes. “Your food is coming.”

And we waited.

People who had come after us, were already finished. They paid their bills and left. With a full stomach and a happy face.

And we waited.

And we waited some more.

I had taken a picture of us when we made the order… And it had a time stamp on it.

We waited for 1 hour 40 minutes on that balcony of Cafe Sundet. And that was AFTER they had taken our orders. All in all, we sat there well over 2 hours.

That’s when my fiance said that this is enough (I was still willing to wait for a few mins, stupid me). She went inside and demanded that she’d just pay the wine and we would leave.

And guess what. THEY HAD NOT EVEN STARTED MAKING OUR DISHES YET! The frikkin order was there waiting. They knew it was there. But no one did anything about it. Three guys behind the bar just shrugged their shoulders and kept repeating “weird, weird, weird”.

She then asked for a discount on the wine. The half bottle was a little over 180 krona – and they gave her a 30 krona discount. That’s better than nothing – but pretty damn close to nothing still.

So over two hours later – we were still hungry. But pissed. Other people got their foods fast. We got nothing. We just sat there.

The sun had gone down and it was dark and starting to get little chilly. You know, we only had shorts and T-shirts on. As we did not expect to sit there for hours.

We needed some consolation. So on the way back home, we went to McDonalds to get a burger. We biked home and watched 2 episodes of Friends (old school) while enjoying our warm and tasty burgers. McDonalds we can trust.

Cafe Sundet… Not so much.

I’m not saying that Cafe Sundet is a bad place or the worst restaurant in Copenhagen… Most likely it’s not. I’m just saying that they really screwed up this time and I’m never going back.

Cafe Sundet after dark
Quick snap of Cafe Sundet after the sun had set

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