Burgers at Cafe Pixie, Bopa Plads

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Bopa Plads at Evening

Yeah, I told you in my last piece about brunch at Pixie that I might end up going back there. Which of course I did – faster than I would’ve thought. Even though I gave a harsh review to their brunch, Cafe Pixie just is a great place.

The location is great. The atmosphere is great. And beer is always good.

This time we went for the burger. At Pixie, their “standard” burger is something that I’d call a BBQ burger as it comes with a BBQ sauce rather than a mayo. I don’t know what the size of the patty was, but I’d assume it was somewhere between 150 and 200 grams. A decent size, but not the kinda monster I’m used to eating (which might be a good thing considering that I’d love to lose a few kilos before our wedding).

Burger at Cafe Pixie
The burger & sides at Cafe Pixie. Basil mayo was Amazing!

The burger at Cafe Pixie comes with a side of fries and a basil mayonnaise. And that basil mayo alone is worth the trip! I frikkin’ loved that stuff! You can really taste the basil – and the overall saltiness of the mayo fits the crunchy fries perfectly.

The hamburger on the other hand – was nothing special. Just like the brunch, it was a decent combination of flavours, but not something that would make me want to build a shrine and start worshipping it. The overall taste of the burger is a bit sweet as the barbeque mayonnaise dominates over the other flavours. I can’t even remember if there was any cheese. At least not enough for me to taste it. I like my burgers dirty. So dirty that they’d make a stripper blush if they started talking. This was way too neat and preppy.

The Bopa Plads area and the basil mayo are worth the walk. The burger not so much. I do have to add that my fiance liked it more than I did.

After dinner, we went to Kafe Kapers for a few drinks. Below you can see the delicious coffee with cognac and some whipped cream. I have never had such a drink before. I’ve had Monte Cristos (coffee, cream liquor and Triple Sec) on multiple occassions and I love that combination – but this was the first time I drink coffee and cognac mixed together.

Drinks at Kafe Kapers
Coffee + Cognac + Cream = Winning Combination!

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3 thoughts on “Burgers at Cafe Pixie, Bopa Plads

  1. Bad or even average burger is just something you don’t want to have when you are hungry. So I was thinking where should I head if I would like to find the absolutely best burgers in your hometown?

    1. Heya!

      A good question Katariina! We’ve been to many places, but definitely not to all the best burger joints yet. So my own experiences are still a little limited.

      Nonetheless – both based on reviews and our own experience, I can tell you that Cocks & Cows is definitely worth visiting! It’s my own favourite so far.

      I’ve heard tons of good things about Juicy Burgers, Tommi’s Burger Joint (originally an Icelandic joint) and Jagger Fast Food. I haven’t been to these three… But perhaps I’ll try one of them today! 🙂

      ps. In my opinion, Halifax is overrated. Many websites list it in their top10, but it wasn’t anything special.

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