A Decent Brunch at Pixie

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Brunch at Cafe Pixie

I think I gave the ending away right there in the title. A DECENT brunch. Not bad. Not great. But decent.


This is what Sunday’s were created for. Brunch. A lazy morning that slowly evolves into you finally putting on your clothes, heading out the door and having a plate full of bacon, eggs, bread and fruit.

Well if you asked someone more religious, they’d say that Sunday is the day God rested. But for me, it’s the day of bacon. I worship BACON!

Enter Pixie

There’s a small green and leafy area called the Bopa Plads here in Østerbro. And at Bopa Plads, there lies two restaurants: Cafe Bopa and Cafe Pixie. Both slightly bohemian but really charming, delightful – and popular.

Both of these cafes offer brunch, dinner and a large variety of different drinks. Both cafes are open late – and they have a large sitting area outdoors. Although that area is closed earlier than the inside as there are tall residential buildings right next to Bopa Plads.

So this Sunday we went to Cafe Pixie and ordered the full brunch. It included eggs, bacon, a wide selection of fruits, two kinds of bread, a small croissant, a few spicy sausages, some cold cuts, a yoghurt-y thingie and a small orange-flavoured sponge cake at the end. I tried the ice coffee and my better half chose the chai latte. The drinks were both great. The taste of actual coffee was strong enough for me but with a sugary twist from the syrup that had been poured to the bottom of the drink.

Ice Coffee and Water
Ice Coffee fitted the mood well

The Verdict
Let’s go straight to business. The bitterness of some of the fruits was too much for me. It did not fit the taste pallet of the brunch as a whole. On the other hand, the slice of cheese on the plate was tasteless and the mouth feeling a little floury. By the looks of it, I was expecting more of a manchego-style feel.

The two kinds of bread were the same stuff we buy from the store. So nothing special there. It did fit the overall brunch well, but was nothing I’d still praise.

The best thing in this mix was the little cup with the scrambled eggs, bacon and sausages. The small spicy sausages were really good – the taste was full and spicy, but not hot. The eggs were salty enough and had a really nice feel to them – squishy, but firm. Bacon was not crispy and juicy – rather, it was a little dry. Definitely not the best. But bacon is always bacon, so it was good.

The croissant was a little dry and not soft like I’d prefer. And the orange-flavoured cake at the end was too dry for my taste. And the taste of orange a tad too “industrial” and fake if you know what I mean.

But I’m being strict here with my commentary.

Even though there were tons of things I’d do differently – or products that I’d outright change – at around 150 krona, this brunch is still worth trying. Especially if you’ve never been to Bopa Plads.

I’d call it decent. Not great. And not bad. But I’m not going back for brunch in the near future. On the other hand, I might go back for a beer already next week.

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