A 53 km Ride – Biking around Amager and back!

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Biking around Amager Island

We’re not hugely athletic. We go to the gym, lift decent weights and I bike to work. But that’s about it.

So when we decided to go and bike from our place in Østerbro around Amager (the whole island) and back, we weren’t sure whether it would be an enjoyable journey or pure hell.

We left from our apartment at 11:30 after having a small breakfast and a cup of coffee.

Our route:

  1. Østerbro to Christianshavn
  2. Amagerbro to Amagerstrand
  3. Along Amagerstrandvej to the airport
  4. Along road E20 to Tårnby center
  5. then head towards Dragør, go under the airport’s runaway
  6. turn to Søvang
  7. bike along the coastline – first on gravel, then on excellent paved road
  8. Follow the sea all the way to Islands Brygge
  9. Cross the canal
  10. Ride through Nyhavn, take a right
  11. Homestrech to Østerbro

This was not the original planned route. We did a few wrong turns and that’s why we ended up in Tårnby – although we would’ve wanted to see Kystvejen that goes the other way around the airport.

We had a slow and steady pace as we wanted to enjoy both the ride and the scenery. And we made a lot of stops.

We were back at our apartment at 16:50 so it took us a total of 5 hours and 20 minutes.

I checked our route from Google Maps afterwards – and it seems that we ended up doing a total of 53 kilometers biking around Amager.

I’d call that a decent aerobic workout no matter what the time was!

The Oresund Bridge
The Oresund Bridge in the Horizon
Cycling along the Baltic Sea
Cycling along the Baltic Sea
Kite Surfers at Amagerstrand
Kite Surfers at Amagerstrand
The road from Denmark to Sweden
The road from Denmark to Sweden. Notice how everyone is coming from Sweden & no one wants to go there!
A plane descending over the Baltic Sea
We saw a lot of planes. That was the most fun part of this biking trip!

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