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Renting a bike in Copenhagen is easy

Renting a bike in Copenhagen is SUPER easy. Seriously. Most people think that they first need to find a bike rental company and be sure that they are there at a certain time. But not in Copenhagen.

Here you can rent a bike any time of the day by just taking one out of a bike stand. Easy. Cheap. Convenient.

Of course there are separate companies that rent bicycles as well… But I’ll take a deeper dive into both of these two ways.

Renting a Bycykel

Bycykel is the name for the Copenhagen City Bike – bikes owned and operated by the city of Copenhagen. These bicycles are white and do stand out from the mass. They are extreme good to ride and can be found almost everywhere near the city center.

How to rent a Bycyklen?

  1. Find a Bycyklen docking station. They are everywhere. One of the most used ones can be found in front of Magazin, for instance.
  2. Walk to one of the bikes and touch the screen.
  3. Create a Bycyklen account.
  4. Log into the bike with your account.
  5. Ride wherever you like for as long as you like.
  6. Return the bike to a docking station.
  7. The price will be deducted from your credit card.

All this can be done via the bike’s own screen. So you do not have to create a user account beforehand if you don’t want to.

The best thing about Bycyklen is the electric motor! These things will help you ride up to 24 km per hour. So both the straights and the uphills will feel like a walk in the park. A full battery should last somewhere around 25 kilometers.

The price? 25 DKK per hour if you are a tourist and have a regular user account. If you live here and have a monthly subscription, the price is 6 DKK per hour. But a monthly subscription has an additional fee of 70 DKK per month.

So for tourists, it’s that 25 DKK per hour. So for a three hour ride, it’s approximately 10€ per bike. Not bad at all if you just want to go around and explore the city fast.

Note that he price is by a STARTING hour. So 59 minutes costs 25 DKK but 61 minutes costs 50 DKK. In addition, a deposit of 200 DKK will be taken from your credit card when you register. This is just to make sure your card works before releasing a Bycykel. And the full amount will be released after 2 days.

These bikes all include a built in GPS. So you will not get lost. You can see all the best sights in the map. You can of course use the GPS to get directions on where to turn and how to get from place A to place B.

All Bycyklen are manufactured by a German company called MIFA Sangerhausen. All these bikes are durable, touch and made out of quality materials.

See the website for further information.

Rental companies

Why you’d use a separate rental company? Price.

For a long term rental, these companies are actually a lot cheaper than using one of those Copenhagen City Bikes – Bycyklen.

List of rentals:

For a short ride – couple of hours – I’d prefer using a Bycykle. But if you’re planning on using a bike for a full week, find one of these rental firms.

All these companies offer a wide variety of different bikes and time frames for the rentals. Check the prices, pick one and explore Copenhagen like a real Dane – on two wheels!

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