The best burgers in Østerbro

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The best burgers in Østerbro, Copenhagen

I’m not saying that these are the best burgers in Copenhagen, because I have not yet visited all the great restaurants that this city has to offer – but I can definitely say that Østerbro originale Burgerrestaurant serves the best burgers in Østerbro.

We live right next to this place and have visited twice so far. First time was just after moving to our new place and the second time when my fiance’s parents were visiting us a few weeks ago.

The concept here is simple: a variety of different burgers, fries, dips, milkshakes, beers and other drinks. You get one menu per person and one piece of paper per table. In this paper you will yourself mark the amount of different burgers and sides your table wishes to order. So far I’ve tried the Original and the Popular (with extra bacon). We’ve tried the original fries, chili and twisted ones – and from the dips: aioli, homemade remoulade, chili mayo and the lime-basil mayo. There is nothing else on the menu. So if you want a salad, pasta, pizza or a steak, go someplace else.

The burger at Østerbro originale Burgerrestaurant
Tender and firm. Moist but not soggy. This is a lovely burger.

The meat is tasty and cooked to perfection, fries crispy but not hard, buns tender but firm. The home made ketchup is a tad too “liquid” but tastes like real tomatoes! The salad is placed underneath the patty which helps to protect the bottom bun from getting too soggy. The knives here are super sharp so you can easily cut through your food without breaking it into pieces.

I have to admit that the chili mayo is not strong enough for me – but other than that everything tastes awesome. The basil mayo here is great, but not as great as it was at Cafe Pixie (the burger here is a lot better though). All in all, a superb experience food-wise.

The interior is the worst part of this place. On one hand I love the outer walls that are old school brick walls. But on the other hand the walls around the kitchen are covered with these white tiles. They remind me of a bathroom or a high school locker room shower. Which does not feed your appetite. Lighting is fine, but would work a lot better without the freaking toilet tiles. So if you can, please ask to be seated next to the windows. This way you can focus on staring at the soaked Danes walking past the window (yes, it most likely rains) and not at the white tiles. Tables and chairs are fine. Nothing fancy but they do fit the atmosphere well enough.

If the interior does not appeal to you, you can always order take away. I have not ordered take away from Østerbro Original Burgerrestaurant, but based on my experiences on other burger places – the food tastes a lot better when you eat it at the restaurant. Take away burgers sort of lose their soul. The taste disappears.

Service here is friendly and everyone speaks English here. It’s not the fastest restaurant on Earth, but you don’t have to wait hours for your burgers either.

Without a doubt, Østerbro Originale Burgers are a lot better than those of Halifax which is a restaurant right across the street – no contest there. The competition for the best Østerbro burger is a tough one though, because Cocks & Cows is just 2 blocks away. And their food tastes amazing as well.

I’ve heard a lot of great things about Juicy Burger, Warpigs, Jagger Fast Food and FATBurger. So I’m not ready to list the best burgers in Copenhagen yet – I’ll have to come back to that a little later.

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