Fun Day at the Copenhagen Zoo

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Madagascar lemurs behind bars

Whereas my friday and Cafe Sundet weren’t all that great – yesterday saved this weekend!

We went to the Copenhagen Zoo! And I took a lot of pictures!

The Zoo is located in Frederiksberg. A beautiful “cool & posh” area of Copenhagen where there are tons of hip restaurants, green gardens and rich people. It’s a prestigios area and a lot greener than, say, Vesterbro, Nørrebro or even Østerbro.

The biggest problem I had in the morning was the lack of clean clothes. The only decent shirt that I had was this pink and blue dress shirt. It was definitely not the most comfortable option, but it was my only option.

The drive from our place to the zoo was around 6 kilometers by bike. Not the shortest, but easily doable. However, yesterday was just as hot as Friday. Biking to the Zoo felt like we were in a Southern European beach location – strolling down the streets of Nice or Athens. Frikkin’ 27-28 degrees of Celcius. Very little wind. And sweat pushing from everywhere.

I hate it when it’s hot. HATE IT!

So when we finally got to the zoo, I was a little cranky. I don’t know why I do that. Get so cranky. And why does my girlfriend put up with it? I’m glad she does, but she deserves better. I gotta man up.

Anyway… The zoo was founded in 1859, which actually makes it one of the oldest zoos in Europe. There are lions, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, monkeys, snake and even a polar bear. According to Visit Copenhagen, there are a total of over 3000 animals from 264 species. That’s a lot!

I’ve always liked all animals. The cute and hairy ones I’d like to cuddle. The big and slimy ones I’m a little scared of. But I’m fascinated by all of them.

We strolled around the Copenhagen Zoo for some 3 hours. The polar bear was just lying in the shade (propably hated the hate as much as I did). Some monkeys were showing of their red asses.

My favourites!

The Otters! First they playfully teased each other and swam around their pool. The next minute, they got white mice for lunch and were violently ripping of their heads and biting into their organs. From super cute to wild beasts in just seconds. After all, they are animals.

Badass Otter Eating a Mouse
Badass Otter Eating a Mouse

The Bears! I suppose these were some sort of brown bears. The kind that you can find in the woods in Northern Europe. The biggest one of them had its own living area. It seemed a little anxious – walking around in every direction. Eventually it came right next to the side where people were standing – and sat down. Me and my fiance – we were just 2 meters from this huge creature. It looked calm, friendly and beautiful.

The big bear at the Copenhagen Zoo
Cute, but deadly. This bear took it easy.

Right next to the big one, there was a area for the smaller bears. I do not know if the small ones were the bigger one’s children – but it seemed like so.

The smaller bears had a climbing tree. One by one they climbed to the top of the tree and tried to see a glimpse of their mother next door.

Smaller bear climbing a tree
Are you there mommy?

It was a lot of fun seeing all these animals. On the way back, we decided to go get some pizza, ice cream and beer. Just to make the day perfect and to relax a bit at home. We popped open a bottle of Italian Prosecco and watched a documentary called The Pohjoismaat on Netflix.

This day at the zoo was close to a perfect saturday.

Here’s a few more pictures of the animals.

A See Through Butterfly

That's a Giraffe

Tapirs have a weird nose

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